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Piermarco Cannarsa

full professor in mathematical analysis

Italian coordinator of the European Research Group (GDRE) on `Control of Partial Differential Equations' (CONEDP) issued by CNRS, INdAM and Universite' de Provence

office #1106
tel: +39 06 72594626
e-mail: cannarsa at
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control theory
partial differential equations
nonsmooth analysis
list of publications

Calculus 2: differential equations, integration, and Fourier analysis [9 cfu] (2015/16)
EAM2: Sobolev spaces, weak solutions and evolution equations [8 cfu] (2015/16)
AM4: differential equations and surface integrals [7 cfu] (2014/15)
MMI: differential equations, complex variables, Lebesgue integral, and Laplace transforms [9 cfu] (2014/15)

Lectures on Dynamic Optimization