August 2020


The following are my preprints available on some website. The symbol * means that the paper is accepted for publication, the symbol ** means that the paper has appeared. In both cases, the final form of the article in the journal is usually a bit different from the form as a preprint. For the journal and precise reference, see list of publications.

1) Self-similar Energies on Fractals with Connected Interior

2) Existence of Self-similar Energies on Finitely Ramified Fractals **

3) Uniqueness of Eigenforms on Fractals-II**

4) Integrals of convex functions in the gradients on fractals

5) Attractors of Iterated Function Systems with uncountably many maps,
coll. with Giorgio Mantica,

6) Scaling Distances on Finitely Ramified Fractals **

7) A P.C.F. Self-Similar Set with no Self-Similar Energy **

8) Fixed Points of Anti-Attracting Maps and Eigenforms on Fractals*