People and Research interests

  • Michael McQuillan (Full Professor): Etale homotopy, especially the (etale) 2-type of algebraic spaces, The 3-manifold <-> class field theory dictionary.
  • Paolo Salvatore (Associate Professor): Homotopy Theory, Configuration Spaces, Spaces of Embeddings, Operads, Factorization Homology.
  • Niels Kowalzig (Tenure-track): (Cyclic) Operads, Cyclic Homology, En-Algebras, BV Algebras, Hopf Algebroids, (Quantum) Groupoids.
  • Sara Scaramuccia (Research Fellow): Computational Topology, Topological Data Analysis, Discrete Mathematics.
  • Lorenzo Guerra (Post-Doc): Operads, En-Algebras, Hopf Algebras, Group Cohomology, Topology of Coxeter groups.
  • Andrea Pizzi (PhD Student): Configuration spaces, Algebraic topology operations, Geometric (Co)Homology, Multisimplicial Objects.
  • Tommaso Rossi (PhD Student): Topology of moduli spaces, Configuration Spaces.
  • Andrea Marino (PhD Student): Infinity categories, Goodwillie Calculus, Knot theory, (Co)simplicial objects, Configuration spaces.